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Andreas Lardos

Andreas Lardos, PhD


Andreas Lardos

Field of activities / research interests

Historical herbal texts

Ethnomedicine of the Eastern Mediterranean

Interface of food and medicine

Western phytotherapy



  • Historical iatrosophia texts and monasteries on Cyprus. The principle aim of this PhD project was the investigation of historical iatrosophia texts from a botanical and pharmacological point of view and the comparison of this knowledge to the present-day use of plants as food or medicine in monasteries on Cyprus.
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Countries of research

Cyprus, Switzerland, United Kingdom


  • 2006-2012, PhD / Doctoral study in ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology, Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy, The School of Pharmacy, University of London.
  • 2005-2006, FVDH course in applied phytotherapy, Heilpflanzenschule Freiburg
  • 1993-1997, Diploma studies in botany, University of Zurich
  • 1991-1993, Basic studies in biology, University of Zurich

Selected publications

  • Lardos A., Heinrich M. (2013). Continuity and change in medicinal plant use: The example of monasteries on Cyprus and historical iatrosophia texts. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 150, 202-214.
  • Lardos A., Prieto J., Heinrich M. (2011). Resins and gums in historical iatrosophia texts from Cyprus – a botanical and medico-pharmacological perspective. Frontiers in Pharmacology 32 (2), 1-26.
  • Lardos A. (2006). The botanical materia medica of the Iatrosophikon – a collection of prescriptions from a monastery in Cyprus. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 104, 387-406.
  • Lardos A., Schmidlin C.B., Fischer M., Ferlas-Chlodny E., Loniewski I., Samochowiec L., Musial H.D. (2004). Wirksamkeit und Verträglichkeit eines wässrig ausgezogenen Weidenrindenextraktes bei Patienten mit Knie- und Hüftarthrose [Efficacy and tolerance of an aqueously extracted willow bark extract in patients with knee and hip arthrosis]. Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie 25(6), 272-279


Member of the International Society of Ethnopharmacology.

Member of the SMGP/SSPM, Schweizerischen Medizinischen Gesellschaft für Phytotherapie.


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