Morris Keller


PhD Student


Division of Pharmaceutical Biology, Pharmacenter, University of Basel, Switzerland


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  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Toxicology
  • Pharmaceutical Biology
  • Phytochemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry (HPLC, NMR, HRMS, GCMS)
  • Food Plants


Isolation and Characterization of Anti-Inflammatory and Immunomodulatory Compounds from Higher Plants


  • PhD in Pharmaceutical Biology, University of Basel
  • MSc Drug Sciences, focus on toxicology, University of Basel
  • BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Basel


  • Keller, M., Fankhauser, S., Giezendanner, N., König, M., Keresztes, F., Danton, O., Fertig, O., Marcourt, L., Hamburger, M., Butterweck, V., Potterat, O., 2021. Saponins from Saffron Corms Inhibit the Gene Expression and Secretion of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines. J. Nat. Prod.
  • Chabane, S., Boudjelal, A., Keller, M., Doubakh, S., Potterat, O., 2021. Teucrium polium – wound healing potential, toxicity and polyphenolic profile. South African J. Bot. 137.
  • Drescher, C., Keller, M., Potterat, O., Hamburger, M., Brückner, R., 2020. Structure-Elucidating Total Synthesis of the (Polyenoyl)tetramic Acid Militarinone C. Org. Lett. 22.


Teaching Assistant for student practicals in «Botany and Systematics of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants», «Microscopy and TLC Analysis of Plant Drugs», and «Isolation of Natural Products».

Supervision of Master Projects in Natural Products and Phytochemistry

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