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mibelle biochemistry

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mibelle biochemistry


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  • Molluscicial saponins from Talinum tenuissimum
    F. Gafner, J.D. Msonthi and K. Hostettmann
    Helvetica Chimica Acta, 68, 555 (1985)
  • Cytotoxic naphthoquinones, molluscicidal saponins and flavonols from Diospyros zombensis
    F. Gafner, J.-C. Chapuis, J.D. Msonthi and K. Hostettmann
    Phytochemistry, 26, 25015 (1987)
  • Fungicidal and molluscicidal saponins from Dolichos kilimandscharicus
    A. Marston, F. Gafner, S.F. Dossaji and K. Hostettmann
    Phytochemistry, 27, 1325 (1988)
  • Biologically active natural products
    A. Marston and F. Gafner
    Swiss Chem, 8, 31 (1986)
  • Human maximization test of falcarinol, the principal contact allergen of English ivy and Algerian ivy (Hedera helix, Hedera canariensis)
    F. Gafner, W. Epstein, G. Reynolds and E. Rodriguez
    Contact Dermatitis, 19, 125 (1988)
  • The diacetylene 11, 12-dehydrofalcarinol from Hedera helix
    F. Gafner, G. Reynolds and E. Rodriguez
    Phytochemistry, 28, 1256 (1989)
  • Contact allergens of an urban shrub Wigandia caracasana
    F. Gafner, G. Reynolds and E. Rodriguez
    Contact Dermatitis, 21, 65 (1989)
  • Biological chemistry of molluscicidal and cytotoxic plant constituents
    F. Gafner, E. Rodriguez
    Revista Latinoamericana de Quimica, 20(1), 30 (1989)
  • Dioxin emissions from wood combustion
    B. Schatowitz, G. Brandt, F. Gafner, E. Schlumpf, R. Bühler, P. Hasler,
    T. Nussbaumer
    Chemosphere, 29(9-11), 2005 (1994)
  • Leontopodic acid – a novel highly substituted glucaric acid derivative from Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum Cass.) and its antioxidative and DNA protecting properties
    S. Schwaiger, R. Cervellati, C. Seger, E.P. Ellmere, N. About, I. Renimel, C. Godenir, P. André, F. Gafner, H. Stuppner
    Tetrahedron, 61, 4621 (2005)
  • Distribution of a new rosmarinic acid derivative in Eryngium alpinum L. and other Apiaceae
    E. LeClaire, S. Schwaiger, B. Banaigs, H. Stuppner, F. Gafner
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 53, 4367 (2005)
  • Lipid Analysis and Transepidermal Water Loss in Snakes
    N. Widler, A. Sigrist, F. Gafner
    IFSCC Magazine, 5(1) 24 (2002)
  • Swiss Alps clearly promise so much
    F. Gafner
    Personal Care, November 2005
  • Benefiting Society through Organic and Certified Products
    F. Bidamant, F. Gafner, F. Paul
    SÖFW- Journal, 133, 1 (2007)
  • Edelweiss – Medizinalpflanze oder Marketingvehikel?
    F. Gafner
    Submitted to Hygiene und Lebensmitteluntersuchungen (2008)
  • Oat-Based Complex Stimulates Skin Barrier Protein Synthesis and Reduces Skin Aging
    F. Gafner, K. Schweikert, G. Dell’Acqua
    IFSCC Magazine, 2 – 8, 3 (2008)
  • Supporting biodiversity is vital
    Frank Gafner and Kuno Schweikert
    Personal Care, Europe, 54 – 57, March (2009)
  • An active complex to provide plant derived steroid precursors to compensate the
    natural deficit of aged skin and to improve skin biophysical parameters
    Kuno Schweikert, Frank Gafner, Giorgio Dell’Acqua
    Cosmetic Science Technology 2009, 107 - 111
  • A bioactive complex to protect proteins from UV-induced oxidation in human
    Kuno Schweikert, Frank Gafner, Giorgio Dell’Acqua
    International Journal of Cosmetic Science, in press (2009)


Pharmazeut, Diss: Strukturaufklärung biologisch aktiver Naturstoffe aus afrikanischen Heilpflanzen, Post-doc


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