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Andreas Lardos

Andreas Lardos, PhD


Andreas Lardos


  • Visiting lecturer in ethnobotany and ethnomedicine at University of Zurich
  • Senior scientist (part-time) at Alpinia Institute of Phytopharmaceutical Sciences, Walenstadt
  • Co-project manager (part-time) at Pro Thesauro Sanitatis, Boniswil
  • Tour guide for ethnobotanical field walks in Switzerland and Cyprus.

Field of activities / research interests

Historical herbal texts

Ethnomedicine of the Eastern Mediterranean

Interface of food and medicine

Western phytotherapy




  • Burkhard III from Hallwyl (1535-1598) and his „pharmacopeia for the poor“. Interdisciplinary research project in ethnopharmacy, ethnobotany and history by Pro Thesauro Sanitatis. One of the main aims of the project is to make accessible to a wider public the ancient knowledge about the use of plants contained in this important historical text from Switzerland.
  • Common herbal materia medica in medieval texts of the Byzantine, Islamic-Arabic and Latin traditions. Research project in ethnobotany, ethnomedicine and pharmacognosy with the aim to identify the shared herbal medicines and the qualities assigned to them based on information in influential texts from the Mediterranean and the Middle East.


  • Historical iatrosophia texts and monasteries on Cyprus. The principle aim of this PhD project was the investigation of historical iatrosophia texts from a botanical and pharmacological point of view and the comparison of this knowledge to the present-day use of plants as food or medicine in monasteries on Cyprus.
    >>download PhD thesis (pdf; 12MB)
  • Booklet (in Greek) “Historical iatrosophia texts and present-day use of plants in monasteries on Cyprus”. Outreach project with the aim to communicate the results of the PhD study on this topic in a culturally adapted form.
    >> download Booklet (pdf; 5MB)


Countries of research

Cyprus, Switzerland, United Kingdom



  • 2006-2012, PhD / Doctoral study in ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology, Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy, The School of Pharmacy, University of London.
  • 2005-2006, FVDH course in applied phytotherapy, Heilpflanzenschule Freiburg
  • 1993-1997, Diploma studies in botany, University of Zurich
  • 1991-1993, Basic studies in biology, University of Zurich


Selected publications

  • Lardos A. (2015). Historical Approaches in Ethnopharmacology. In: Heinrich, M., Jäger, A. (eds.) Ethnopharmacology – A Reader. Wiley & Sons, Chichester.
  • Lardos A., Heinrich M. (2013). Continuity and change in medicinal plant use: The example of monasteries on Cyprus and historical iatrosophia texts. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 150, 202-214.
  • Lardos A., Prieto J., Heinrich M. (2011). Resins and gums in historical iatrosophia texts from Cyprus – a botanical and medico-pharmacological perspective. Frontiers in Pharmacology 32 (2), 1-26.
  • Lardos A. (2006). The botanical materia medica of the Iatrosophikon – a collection of prescriptions from a monastery in Cyprus. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 104, 387-406.
  • Lardos A., Schmidlin C.B., Fischer M., Ferlas-Chlodny E., Loniewski I., Samochowiec L., Musial H.D. (2004). Wirksamkeit und Verträglichkeit eines wässrig ausgezogenen Weidenrindenextraktes bei Patienten mit Knie- und Hüftarthrose [Efficacy and tolerance of an aqueously extracted willow bark extract in patients with knee and hip arthrosis]. Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie 25(6), 272-279



Member of the International Society of Ethnopharmacology.

Member of the board of Pro Thesauro Sanitatis


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