Tips and Tricks

As a multidisciplinary field of research, ethnobiology involves a wide variety of aspects of scientific work. Ethnobiological research often takes place abroad, in a different culture. You will find detailed texts and handbooks on all of this (see further reading).

But how should one first get an overview? Where can you find the information in a condensed form?

On this page we would like to build up a collection of freely accessible texts on various topics of ethnobiology, which provides important, helpful and interesting information in a clear form.

This collection is currently under construction, we are grateful for feedback and of course for contributions of all kinds!

Blogs with diverse information on ethnobiological topics:

Emerging Ethnobiologists: The blog of the International Network of Emerging Ethnobiologists (INEE)

Forage! blog of the Society of Ethnobiology.

Engagement blog published by the Anthropology and Environment Society

Plants and People Ethnobotany Blog

Equipment for field work:

The equipment for your fieldwork depends strongly on personal and local needs. Our fieldwork equipment list represents an incomplete but perhaps helpful checklist. If you think something important is missing, please report it (email to the Webmaster)!

Safety in the field:

Security & Safety Instructions for Field Researchers – Compiled by the Division of Human Geography, Department of Geography, University of Zurich.

Scientific working:

Leitfaden für wissenschaftliches Arbeiten – Norman Backhaus & Rico Tuor. – 7. Aufl. – Zürich, 2008 (Schriftenreihe / Humangeographie 18).

Documents, checklists and information from the ETH Zurich Didactics Center on various topics related to the presentation of scientific content.

Methods in Ethnography:

  • Auf der Website wird eine Reihe von ethnographischen Methoden für Anthropologen publiziert. Die folgenden Publikationen enthalten detailierte Einleitungen zu bestimmten Methoden zur Sammlung und Analyse von Daten:
  • Schnegg, Michael und Hartmut Lang 2001. Netzwerkanalyse. Eine praxisorientierte Einführung.
  • Lang, Hartmut und Julia Pauli 2002. Der ethnographische Zensus. Eine praxisorientierte Einführung.
  • Schnegg, Michael und Hartmut Lang 2008. Analyse kultureller Domänen. Eine praxisorientierte Einführung.