Ritual plants, mandalas and sacred places

by Zsuzsanna Berdan

Part 1:

Part 2:

The use of barley among the Shuhi of Southwest China

by Franz Huber



Bixa ("Achiote") use in Mexico

by Barbara Frei Haller

Historical iatrosophia texts and monasteries on Cyprus

by Andreas Lardos

The botanical-pharmacological investigation of Iatrosophia texts from Cyprus and the recording of current knowledge about plant uses in the monasteries of the island form the framework of this research project. Iatrosophia texts are historical medical writings in Greek (iatrosophia = medical wisdom), which first gained importance as hospital manuals of the Byzantine Empire. More recent copies were mostly produced in Greek Orthodox monasteries, which often took over the function of hospitals during the Ottoman Empire.


Mensch-Pflanze-Beziehungen im Napfgebiet

by Anna Poncet

A story of goji told by traditional papercut

by Yao Ruyu