Student Prize

The Swiss Ethnobiology Network strives to encourage students in their early career and awards a yearly prize to support high quality project ideas in the field of ethnobiology.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The research project must essentially focus on an ethnobiology-related topic.
  • The work must be linked to Switzerland (personally, institutionally, or thematically).
  • The application must be in English or one of the Swiss national languages.

Applications will be evaluated by a panel of three experts. The winner of the prize will be informed by 31 December 2024 and the official result will be communicated at the annual symposium (usually in February or March), where applicants will be encouraged to present their work. The prize winner receives a certificate, a 3 years membership to the network and CHF 300.-. The network reserves its right not to award the prize.

Please submit the completed application form along with a proof of studentship, and an official project plan using the application form below.

For further information please contact the president of the Swiss Ethnobiology Network:

Online application deadline: 30 November 2024

Application form

Fill in all fields below in English, German, French or Italian

Past Prizes

  • 2022: Célia Ferrari (Project title: )
  • 2021: Tahereh Maleki (Project title: A cross-cultural comparison of medicinal floras among Baloch and Kudrish tribes in Iran)
  • 2020: Lei Feiyi (Project title: Botanical, ethnobotanical and supply chain analysis of the Chinese medicine Maidong (Ophiopogon and Liriope spp., Asparagaceae)
  • 2019: Camille Brioschi (Project title: Flora with focus on Peucedanum ostruthium (L.) W.D.J. Koch and its ethnobotanical importance in the Saas Valley)
  • 2018 (joint winners): David Mestre (Project title: Ergin als nichttödliches Schädlingsbekämpfungsmittel); Marine Testard (Project title: Réalisation d’un jardin potager communautaire dans la commune de Villars-sous-Yens)